Doctor of biological sciences, prof. S.B. Grigorian
RA Ministry of Public Health
Center of prenatology, obstetrics and gynecology,
State filial enterprise "Houys-M"

Address: 6 Margaryan str., Achapnyak, Yerevan
Tel. 561839

A new synthetic medium has been elaborated for cryoconservation of the human sperm. Following this purpose biological, biophysical and biochemical conditions required for sperm deep freezeing were ascertained. To prevent spermatozoa acrosomes from swelling we used saccharose, and a solution of EDTA calcium-sodium salt has been added to the isotonic solution of sugar. The possibility of using monoethanolamine as an antioxidant during cryoconservation of sperm to prevent spermatozoa membranes from peroxide oxidation of phospholipids and from cold shock has been proved experimentally.

Defrosted human sperm deluded by the new medium to which for the first time chemical protective agents were added (such as complex EDTA - ethylene-diamine-tetra acetic acid and an antioxidant - monoethanolamine) preserves a high biological value and quite satisfactory impregnation power. The following parameters come to prove this. Mobility, resistance, viability and survival of the human sperm acrosomes before freezeing were correspondingly equal to 80%; 6.5 thousand; 7.0/38 and 83%. After the freezing-unfreezing cycle they became 70%; 5.0 thousand; 5.0/38 and 74%. And 886 out of 1430 women (61.6%) inseminated by the sperm that was unconserved with the use of the new protective agent have concieved.