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Was born in 1946 in Talin (Annenia). Irs 1976, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1982. He has participated in exhibitions since 1977. One-man show: 1999-in Yerevan. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and private collections in Armenia, Russia, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Syria, Finland. Since 1979, he has been teac1aing painting in the Yerevan Institute of Arts. He is the Dean of the Art Department and has the rank of professor.

Mini Biography: Characteristic of this painter's manner is his lyrical approach to the world and life. It is manifested in a composed rhythm of generalized plastic images, touching simplicity of compositions and true accord of warm tones. His paintings make an impression of a slowly passing time, sometimes of "synthetic reminiscences", in which whimsical birds exist next to mysterious fairies. Feelings evoked by the depicted sky vault are akin to those aroused by steady landscape, and his "lavish" palette together with the expressive lissome dabs excite a spontaneous and emotional sense of Nature. It seems that a wave of tenderness begins to overflow the canvas when a relief and light silhouette of a woman turns up" in his paintings. The artist encircles her with almost idyllic environment, extenuating the outlines and tonal blends of the latter. Thus, exact images yield to a kind of fairy-tale or fanciful recollections. The artist strives after clarity of colors, trying to attain pure local tones. Using the whole range of his rich palette, he, nevertheless, shows preference for the golden and raddle paints. He creates the antipode of our pragmatic world: his own oasis, full of magic enchantment, oasis of sensuality with its atmosphere of gentle sorrow that reflects the artist's vain dream of achieving a close union of a human being and Nature.

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