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Was born in 1953 in Yerevan. In 1975, she graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. Between 1976 and 1985 she was working at the "Armenfilm" Studio. She was art director of two feature films and five animated cartoons. She bas been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1982. She has participated in exhibitions since 1975. One-woman shows: 1986-in Dubna (Russian; 1989- in Lodz (Poland); 1994-in Hassel (Germany). Her pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia and many countries abroad.

Mini Biography: Marina Vagharshian is an artist endowed uith obvious graphic way of thinking which she attempts to affirm analytically in her creative work. Unwlling to accept the surrounding world as a given constant, she tries to penetrate into the heart of the things, transform ideas by dividing them into separate segments and create her own "model" of the world in which, according to the author's conception, everything is much more striking and luxuriant than in the existing reality, and problems and conflicts are settled beforehand or smoothed away in accordance uitb a deep-felt scenario. Marina Vagharshian is an expert of a visual tale; she sees tbe picture not as a limited space, but as a whole world full of fears, nostalgia and expectations. Color range of her pictures is local, modeling is graphic and outlined; mood is changed more frequently and quickly than one could expect. At times, pictorial solutions resemble, by their picturesque effect, animated cartoons. Elaboration of separate episodes, placing of one ground over the other serve one purpose - to fascinate, to arouse curiosity of an onlooker, to turn him from a mere spectator into a participator. The artist's works exceed the bounds of the existing reality and create heir own inimitable "meta-world" of fantasy, sentiments and mood. Marina Vagharshian is one of those Armenian artists, who bas managed to transcend the limits of the purely national, clarify her creative quest and find her own way in the world of art.

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