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Was born in 1937 in Tbilisi. In 1968, be graduated. from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute an a has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1970; and a member of the Artists' Union of Federal Republic of Germany since 1994. He has participated in ex1aibitiolis since 1965 and had one- man shows: 1980 and 1986-in Yerevan; 1987-in Moscow; 1992-in Wiesbaden (Germany), 1994-in Freschen (Germany); 1997-in Cologne (Germany). From 1978 to 1987- be was a participant of the competitive exhibitions in Faenza (Italy). His works are property of museums of Armenia, Russian, Italy, Germany, Hungary and private collections in Armenia, USA, Japan, France, Canada, Greece, Germany.

Mini Biography: Van Soghomonian is a ceramist, painter and sculptor. It is difficult to appraise in which of these trends his contribution is more valuable or exhibition of his talent arid original artistic fantasy more brilliant. He is an initiator of intellectual current in modern decorative art Ai Armenia. Using embodying motives, unusual to ceramics, and elements of architecture, interior or still-life, the artist modifies geometric figures, divides them up, juxtaposes one upon the other. One of the distinctive features of his compositions is a sort of a game with graphic elements. As a painter Van Soghomonian is rather a sensual romanticist. One can behold in his pictures the subtle harmony of colors, shading within the limits of one color, clear-cut drawing and scarcely visible silhouettes. Combination of blue and red tints creates tension, but a certain nervousness is allayed by black and white highlights. And for all this the artist is true to himself-a general idea, a starting point, inner purpose are inherent in all his pictures. This faithfulness to oneself is also found in the artist's intention of attaching physical texture to his pictures, making them volumetrical and relief, even to the touch. As if it is not enough to be only a painter, his hand of a sculptor intervenes in the process of painting as well. The active nature of a warrior, who seems to know no bounds both in perception and behavior, predetermined the breadth of his themes and depth of artistic generalizations. Van Soghomonian does not confine himself to passive contemplation or mere statement of facts. His sense of responsibility impels him to invade into the social environment in order to make it more perfect and harmonious.

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