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Was born in 1949 in Yerevan, In 1970, be graduated from the Department of Aesthetics of the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute, after Abovian. He bas been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1982. Has participated exhibitions since 1971. One-man shows: 1972 and 1985-in Yerevan. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, Russia, Greece, Germany, Israel, France, USA.

Mini Biography: The most distinguishing peculiarities of Andranik Mirzoyan are his immutable buoyancy and awesome veneration for nature which the painter regards as his immediate teacher arid preceptor. He takes delight in the mere sight of things, color combinations in the meads and woods, kind and thoughtful characters of his pictures. The subject motif for a painting often being evoked by direct impressions, is only a cause for pictorial improvisations, fascinating both in their "muteness and variety of subtly depicted nuances. A colorful texture plays the leading part in his pictures: supple and expressive, it creates the plasticity of figures and objects, their inner state and movement in the painting. Pictures of Andranik Mirzoyan resemble a compressed spring-simple and steady from outside, but impetuous and emotional inwardly. They are the result of the author's patient labour and his inborn intuition. The artist pays great attention to the problems of tone and colour. He is cared away by the realm of "active clear paints, were both sorrow and joy find so intense and unusual representation. The latest interest in cubism reveals itself in many of his works, and the author's urge towards decorative art, simplicity and stylization allowed him to expand the potentialities of pictures taken from nature. In paintings of Andranik Mirzoyan the dialectic unity of colour and plastical form is kept at all stages as one of the most specific distinctions of his artistic mode.

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