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Was born in 1940 in Yerevan. In 1965, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1970. He has participated in exhibitions since 1965. One-man shows: 1992-in Paris, 1994-1999- in Los Angeles. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia and many countries abroad. He is an honoured Artist of Armenia.

Mini Biography: The creative work of Rouben Manoukian attracts a wide range of art fanciers: one can find a refined aesthete or unexactiug onlooker among his admirers. Being a master of artistic means, Rouben Manouikian selects his colourful gamut with amazing freedom and faultless taste. He is evidently captivated by the realm of paints and is eager to retain purity and expressiveness of colour tones in a chromatic scale of a picture. Clear lines, intense vivid colours and contagious optimism are distinguishing features of all his works. The painter's optimism is the optimism of a good-hearted person, who is open to people and life and is extremely sociable. His pictures bring together poetry and life routine, imagination and reality, fantasy and triviality. They are a kind of transition-from a world of objects to a decorative abstraction that does not require search for the sources and is alien to the influence of various styles. In his pictures you can find the images of a motley, burlesque world, full of fairy-tale creatures and exotic characters as u ell as quite real, recognizable faces and figures. Roziben Manoukian works with a playful ease: wearing a kind, cunning smile, he populates his canvas by colourful figures-at times, eclectic, but always elegant. The main idea of his work is to creare an atmosphere where he maintains his seriousness, yet plays in the game of freedom. Roziben Manoukian creates the life order according to his taste, creates the world which he would like to see.

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