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Was born in 1946 in Hoktemberian (Armenia). In 1975, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He bas been a member of the Artists' Union of tbe USSR since 1983. He has participated in exhibitions since 1980. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, Russia, USA, Canada, Syria, Lebanon, UAE Since 1995, he has been teaching painting in the Yerevan Institute of Arts.

Mini Biography: Jora Hirapetian is a painter, who devoted his talent and skill mainly to a genre of historical pictures. He turns to the past to secure a better and deeper perception of the present. Creating his pictures, he does not resort to complicated contexts or duality, overt or veiled paradoxes, in order to please a refined and "overworn" perception of a modern spectator. Jora Hirapetian is endowed with high, poetic attitude towards life; he does not accept prosaism and rejection of spiritual values native to the updated existence. This peculiarity of his character induces him to escape into the world of nature, a realm of fancy or direct his attention to the past. 73e intent glance of the master grasps delicate shades of people's sentiments and changes of scenery. His pictures display a subtle sense of style, skillful handling of a brush, which touches a canvas with an exactly measured effort resulting in just that very intensity of a stroke. And this is the evidence of his artistry as a mode of creation. Artistry, sense of style and a consistent manner of delineation, when even minor details are permeated with a single plasticity, which does not permit of deviation from main rhythm of strokes and dimensions are all characteristic of his pictorial manner. Coloring in his pictures is now obscure and "suppressed" with a peculiar color rhythm, reminding of a remote Flandres; now clear and bright, but quiet and mild, when he depicts his native land-the source of his genuine inspiration.

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