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Was born in 1g5g in Yerevan. In 1979, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute and has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1979. He has participated in exhibitions since 1979 and has had 20 one-man shows. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia and private collections in Armenia, Luxembourg, Finland, Canada, USA, Poland, Egypt, Japan, Holland, Greece, Australia, Austria, Sweden, England, Korea, India. Since 1997, be has been teaching graphics in the Yerevan Institute of Arts.

Mini Biography: Samvel Hambartsumian is a painter whose pictures, like lyric verses, which are aimed at a personal perception, create a unique atmosphere of emotions, evoking a warm response among admirers of art. They are "women" from private, intimate experiences of the artist, his notions of beauty and elegance. Sharp contrasts of color and the plastic as well as the seemingly light manner of execution excite an impression of brilliant artistic play that disguises plenty of things behind allusions ; hues and half-hints. The artist unravels his narrative without minor, unnecessary details: his pictures are free from thoroughly delineated traits or elaborated hands, figures and their attire. A vital distinction of his paintings is a masterly grasped and incarnated character. As a matter of fact, his personages are never involved in any kind of action, they just "live- according to the inner purport of the image and are connected by integral composition. 73e artist is quite willing at times, to add a stroke of grotesque or subtle irony to one or another of his motives. Tension of contrasting colors increases the expressive, dramatic aspect of his works which resemble bow-strings tightened to the utmost, and ready to let out their accumulated energy and hardly restrained pulse of life. Paintings of Samvel Hambartsumian display the artist's creative will, his indomitable artistic vigor and juvenile disposition towards entity.

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