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Was born in 1952 in Artashat (Armenia). In 1975, he graduated from the Department of Aesthetics of the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute, after Abovian. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1990. He has participated in exhibitions since 1975. One-man shows: 1995-in Goeteborg and Vesteros (Sweden); 1996-in Saint-Petersburg; 1997-in Moscow . His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Japan, Hungary and private collections in Armenia, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, England, UAE.

Mini Biography: Ashot Tadevosian underwent, as an artist, a long and deep evolution accompanied with hard work and persistent quests. His early paintings were distinguished by dark gamut of colors, relief modeling and a peculiar stern expressiveness. In due course, however, the painter, following most likely the aesthetic "rhythms" and plastics of the modern times, bas altered his artistic language, "purified" his palette: colors acquired independent and primary sounding and images assumed obvious traits of abstraction. We should specify, though, that it is rather a synthesized sensual abstractionism, for the artist deliberately unobserved classical canons of chiaroscuro modeling and destroys a form in order to achieve more impressive and dimensional effect. Spreading his paints with thick generous dabs, he evokes a strong impression that the colorful layer has not been depicted, but modeled by brush. The painter constructs forms by the medium of colors; his figures and scenery are merged in a sea of colors, that overflows the canvas, sensibly amplifying the texture of painting. Ashot Tadevosian pays great attention to a decorative harmony of colors and general mobility of composition. Though there are traces of generalization and conventionalism in his pictures, nevertheless, they fascinate by genre and emotional clearness, integrity and expressive coloring subtle rhythm and pictorial plasticity.

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