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Was born in 1940 in Sarametch (Armenian). In 1967, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1971. He bas participated in exhibitions since 1960. One-man show: 1986-in Yerevan. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Russia and private collections in Armenia, USA, France, Germany, England, Holland, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Sweden. Since 1970, he has been teaching drawing and composition in the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute after Abovian, since 1995-in the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts. He bas the rank of an assistant professor.

Mini Biography: Stepan Grigorian cannot be considered a master of some favorite genre or even technique. He has worked with oil-paint, charcoal, pencil and used the technique of etching and linoengraving equally well. His landscape and still-life paintings follow with genre compositions and portraits. Masterly handling of a drawing technique has inspirited him to do a series of portraits of his contemporaries and expressive, full of emotions, graphical works. The choice of a certain genre is never casual-it always depends on the artist's visual intention, his basic idea and the essence of plastic conception. His good knowledge of Armenian history, literature and folk traditions serves him as an inexhaustible source and ground for his spiritual improvement and artistic illumination. The painter intersperses his wide experience of life impressions into the pictorial narration of his pictures. However, he is riot regarded as a stylist of ancient forms; he does not paint historical canvases or illustrate books. The influence of national traditions is revealed in a far more subtle, profound and complicated way. It is observed in the author's attitude towards life, in the peculiarities of the principles used in his paintings and graphics, in the accents and melodic lines of his images. Stepan Grigorian has the gift of finding a precise and capacious plastic equivalent of great feelings, ideas and emotional experiences; of telling allegorically about time, of its passions, its, so to speak, human contents.

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