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Samvel Gheodakyan

Was born in 19$1 in Yerevan. In 1975, he graduated from the Department of Aesthetics of the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute, after Abovian. He bas participated in exhibitions since 1972. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and p6vate collections in Armenia, Russia, USA, UAE, France, Belgium.

Mini Biography: To depict the surrounding world Samvel Gheodakian often uses events of his personal biography; "creates" the reality from his own reminiscences. Somewhat foreordained, even methodical attitude towards subjects and images is probably an echo of his early passion for ceramics and archaeology. What he once felt and "absorbed" is now portrayed in his pictures with great affection and animation. Simple, unobtrusive sensual solutions compensate for a certain alienation and reticence of his works. 73e theme range of his pictures is multitudinous. From classical, even pastoral landscape saturated with light and air, he passes on to an expressive view of stern mountain chains and wild scenery or to a still-life series with "modest" flowers, reminiscent of a picturesque graphical style. Transparent, thinly shaded dabs create an impression of watercolor technique. Color modeling is notable for delicate taste and lightness of rendition. In painting landscape the artist is open carried away by color perspective with an emphasized foreground, which he deliberately intensifies and sharply contrasts. Samvel Gheodakian is a "narrating" painter, who tries to draw all the minute details, preserving at the same time, the integrity of a composition and arousing in a spectator an illusory feeling of being a participator in the process of painting.

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