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Was born in 1950 in Yerevan. In 1971, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He bas been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1984. Has participated in exhibition since 1983 and had a one-man showin: 1996-in Yerevan. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, Russia USA, France, Lebanon. Since 1976, he has been teaching in the Yerevan Institute of Arts; since 1994 - the Head of the Design Department. He has the rank of professor.

Mini Biography: Pictures of Gagik Ghevorkian are notable for their expressiveness and richness of colors, which are superimposed with rapid, impetuous, sometimes, even violent strokes. Like a sculptor, that presses and kneads his medium tirelessly in order to achieve a materialized sound of his vision, the artist "models" still-life pictures, trying to localize; to "fix" a certain, perhaps, elusive harmony in as many variations as possible. He does not resort to "lofty" pathetic themes; he turns his eyes, instead, to a secluded nook of Nature, the "balmy" bunch of unpretentious field flowers. These bunches seem to become a sort of symbols, which have imbibed and incarnated emotional experiences of the painter. Nevertheless he has tried to see nature in different ways, and so, in preparing to paint a landscape, the artist always feels immutable joy of discovery. That is why, his landscape pictures are quite various: sometimes still and restrained, sometimes emphatically expressive. They have one thing in common, however, - accord of the artist's visual world with nature. The creative style of Ghevorkian enables you to feel a close connection between color and a dab of mastiche, when a certain color dictates an adequate rhythm. But Gagik Ghevorkian is first and foremost a colorist with intense sensibility for color and its shades, the artist who realizes that the effect of light as an independent component, helps to reveal the inner mood of a painting. You will not see gloomy or dull pictures among his works; all of them are festively bright and full of sincere warmth and fascination. They inspire you with comfort and confidence, a sense of the artists keen interest in his spectators.

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