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Was born in 19g1 in Yerevan. In 1966, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. Since 1966, he has been working in the State Committee for TV and Radio-Broadcast of Armenia. From 1966 until 1995 he seas art director of more than 60 theatre performances. He has been a member of the Theatre Society of Armenia since 1969; and from 1976-a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR. He has participated in exhibitions since 1970, One-man show: 1995-in Yerevan. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, Czechia, France, England, Sweden, Holland, USA.

Mini Biography: Gastello Gasparian is a painter rather of poems than portraits, landscapes or genre-pictures. He creates silent music of colors that ought to be perceived by the soul. This music is either sorrowfully lucid-like reminiscences of the world's and people's beauty, that has been lost, or loftily dreamy-like the hope to find it anew. He has painted etchings, linoengravings, pictures in gouche, distemper or pastel, and the most notable among them are his landscape paintings. Colorful ripples and faintly visible tortuous dabs of brush enable us to acutely feel the virtuosity of the creative process. The artist's landscape paintings are characterized by masterly fusion of graphic plasticity and picturesque texture, expressive abstraction and intimacy of drawing as well as by the counterbalance between graphic and colorful aspects. In spite of a great number of minor details, his pictures do not look "overloaded", on the contrary, they seem to be breathing and even impetuous dabs don't break the composition rhythm of the paintings. Muffled, somewhat shy, and at times "playful" tones of Gasparian, the painter, yield to the strength and determination of Gasparian - the drawer, who can render images, traits and movements with striking ease. Gastello Gasparian is a man of rare romanticism and childish frankness. No wonder that Don Kixot is the artist's favorite character, or that he has painted a series of illustrations for this novel. Like his hero, he is never tired of being happy and amazed at everything that is new, and appreciates the beauty even of trifle things.

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