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Was born in 1940 in Artik (Armenia). In 1969, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1976. He has participated in exhibitions since 1969. His works are property of museums of Armenia and private collections in Armenia, Russia, Lithuania, U5'A, Syria. Since 1977, he has been teaching in the Fine Arts College, after P. Terlemezian. From 1996 he has been teaching composition in the Yerevan Institute of Arts.

Mini Biography: Karlen Avetisian is a person with a wide and diverse scope of creative interests. He acts as a painter and drawer, professional restorer and sculptor with equal success. Being vigorous, purposeful and persistent by nature, he is content with what has been achieved and scrutinizes everything that is of interest to him. His paintings are distinguished by variety in style and genres, contrasting colours and mellow accord of cold and warm tones To make his picture more impressive, the artist, at times neglects such components of composition as distance and shadow and constructs its plane, forms and space only by means of line and colour. Light mobile drawing executed in fretful lines, "captures" the surface of a canvas creating structures and motives which are modified by the painter with ease and inspiration. Paintings of Karlen Avetisian evoke a visual sensation of choreography in colour. He even dares shift the colour spots and contours of figures and objects violating classical canons and bringing in discord, but, at the same time, manages to make this seeming disharmony serve the integrity of the picture. The artist's skill in graphics, singularity of his style and good knowledge of materials and technology enables him to display his talent in painting various sketches for gobelins. The chief distinction of his sculptures carved mainly in wood using mixed technique, is the extreme clearness and subtle reproduction of inner movement of a model. The creative vitality of Karlen Avetisian is not reduced 112erely to his artistic works. He is an author of various books on numerology in which he expounds, in particular, on his peculiar ideas and hypotheses on interpreting the Armenian alphabet and folk epos.

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