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Avetik Avetisyan

Was born in 19$2 in Yeghegnut (Armenian). In 1982, he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1984, and bad participated in exhibitions since 1982. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Czechia and private collections in Armenia, Russia, USA, Switzerland, France, Lebanon. Since 198p, he has been teaching painting and drawing in the Yerevan Institute of Arts; Dean of the Department of Decorative Art, Design and Modeling and bas the rank of professor.

Mini Biography: Aspiration towards innovation and care of tradition and his own path in the world of art characterize artistic vision of Avetik Avetisian, an exquisite colourist and remarkable master of drawing. His paintings, saturated not only with colours and lines, but also with spiritual vigour, have an obvious imprint of the artist's emotional personality. Avetik Avetisian tends to use sharp contrasting colours, which he lays on with supple, expressive dabs, but a particular attention is given to the rhythmic linear aspect of composition, as a component of the graphic structure settled by the painter. Dissolving plastically visual forms in colorful but subdued tints, he abandons delineation of minor details, reaching the limits beyond which seem to appear naturalistic illusiveness. The artist knows where to stop; be pictures only what is necessary for reconstruction of notions about texture, material essence and colour peculiarities of the depicted. Space of his pictures is grasped as an interior, in which figures seem to lose their independent existence; they are not so much arranged in the environment, as blended with it, forming a perfect whole. The world is represented with due regard for constructive logic of proportions and correlation's. It is rationalism of a lyric, who evades a deliberate show of own sentiments and is able to see and express his perceived reality without drowning in an imaginary world of poetic conventionalities.

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