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Grikor Aghashyan

Was born in 1926 in Yerevan. In 1950, he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Arts after V.Surikov. He has been a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR since 1951. He has participated in exhibitions since 1951. One-man shows: 1970, 1975, 1980-in Yerevan, 1980-in Moscow. His pictures are property of museums of Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan and private collections in Armenia, Russia, UX4, France, Canada, Greece. Since 1963, be has been teaching drawing in the Yerevan Institute of Arts. He has the rank of professor and is an honored artist of Armenia.

Mini Biography: Grikor Aghasian is a follower of the realistic trend. His paintings display fusion of the traditions of the Russian academic school of drawing and peculiarities of Armenian national vision of colour. Combination of traditionalism and thirst for experiment imparts a special charm of freshness and naive purity to all his works. The artist draws his themes from real life and environment; he is apt to notice the beautiful in plain and ordinary things. Agbasian is the author of numerous portraits, genre and landscape paintings. He is very good at delineation the high, sunlit sky and widely spread distances. One can see in his landscape pictures a continuous, almost unbroken flow" of the arm movements, which outline silver, mirror-like surface of water, the leaden-gray sky with impending clouds and patches of sunlight on the brown soil of the country road. The artist does not foist his metaphors and simile on a spectator, though he certainly shows his own liking and affection. Characters portrayed in his landscape and genre paintings are peaceful workers, absorbed in their thoughts and simple everyday pursuits. In Grikor Aghasian's pictures the inner world of the painter, the whole range of his feelings and thoughts is fully objectivized and counterbalanced. This counterbalance of sentiments and thoughts is the chief magnetic force of the artist's creative work.

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