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Computer Graphics, Art Management & Advertisement Chair

  • About [in Armenian]
  • Education Program [in Armenian]
  • Report for 2003-2004 [in Armenian]
  • Participation in the International
         Exhibitions, Certificates
  • International academic collaboration
         and cultural cooperation
  • Questions for students and aspirants
         [in Armenian]
  • Digital Educational Art in Armenia 2004
         [in Armenian]
  • Art Gallery of CGAMA chair, 1999-2004

  • Educational Resource Center
  • Grants Gallery
  • Computer Graphic Design Courses

  • IT Resources for Distance Education

  • Electronic Library of Chair

  • Armenian Rock Art Web Portal

  • Art Management & Economics Network

  • East Armenian Language for E-Education

  • West Armenian Language for E - Education

  • Founder and Head of the Chair Prof. G. Vahanyan (1999-2004)

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