I'm Ann Ashot Malkhasyan. I was born in Yerevan in the second of July in1984.In 1991 I entered the school number 131 named by P.Yavorov. In the same year I entered the music school number 12. During these 7years I've taken part in many musical competitions and won many prices. I've left it in 1998 but I like to play the piano till now. I've also liked drawing from my early childhood, and always dreamed to draw. In 2001 finishing the school I entered the University Of Fine Arts.In my free time I prefer to play the piano listen classic and metal music and to read. Especially I like the works by Ernst Hoffmann. My favoutite painters are Goya, VanGoagh, Gogen and Surenyants. Composers are Bach, Stavinski, Rachmaninof, Beethoven And many others. My family consists of 4 members. Daddy, Mammy, me and my sister. My parents are physicists. They have graduated the National University Of Yerevan. My sister is for 4 years younger than I,and studies at the 7th form. What connects me, now I'm a student of the first course of the Academy Of Fine Arts.

The head of the department
prof. G. Vahanyan

Nara Mendelyan

Margarita Ghazaryan

Karen Grigoryan


Malkhasyan Anna

Student of the II course of the department of Computer Graphics of YAFA.