1995. 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization.

In 1995 the world community celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations. The UN takes active interest in assisting the independent Republic of Armenia. The humanitarian and development programmes of this organization play a significant role in coping with the challenges the Republic currently faces.

View: 59. The symbol of the UN and a multicolour ribbon Quantity: 100.000

1995. 50th Anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War.

On May 9, 1995 Armenia, along with many other countries of the world, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the termination of the Great Patriotic War. More than 500.000 Armenians have fought in that war, 200.000 of which never returned home. One hundred Armenian servicemen have become Heroes of the Soviet Union, two of these have received the honour twice. Twenty seven Armenians have been endowed with the full Order of Glory. Sixty Armenians have received the ranks of a general, admiral or marshal during the war.

View: Set of 5
60. Armenian 89th Taman Thriple Order-Bearer Rifle Division
61. Armenian 76th Alpine Rifle (51st Guard) Red Banner Division
62. Armenian 390th Rifle Division
63. Armenian 408th Rifle Division
64. Armenian 409th Rifle Division
    h60.  60.00  0.3  0.18 
    h61.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h62.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h63.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h64.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    Set of 5  1.5  0.9 

Miniature Sheet 5.
Designer: David Arazyan.
Perf 14 3/4:14, (120/90)

 View: 65. Mariam Aslamazian s painting "Return of the Hero", 1942, and the monuments erected in commemoration of Armenians fallen in battle

View: 66-69. Set of 4
66. Hovhannes Bagramian, Marshal of the USSR
67. Hovhannes Issakov, Admiral of the Navy of the USSR
68. Sergey Khudyakov (Armenak Khanpheriants), Marshal of the Air force of the USSR
69. Hamazasp Babajanian, General Marshal of the Armoured Forces of the USSR 
    h66.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h67.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h68.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    h69.  60.00  0.3  0.18
    Set of 4 1.2  0.7
      M/S6  1.2  0.7
Quantity: 5x100.000, 20.000, 20.000

1995. 175th Anniversary of the Birth of Ghevond Alishan (1820-1901).

 Ghevond Alishan (1820-1901), an Armenian poet, philologist, historian, geographer and translator. A member of the Mekhitarist Brotherhood in Venice. Decorated with a Legion d Honneur.

View: 70. Portrait of the Armenian poet, historian and geographer against the background of mountain Ararat and the Khor Virap Church, Label - the island of San Lazzaro in Venice and the Mkhitarist Brotherhood, of which Ghevond Alishan was a member Quantity: 100.000

1995. 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Grigor Artsruni (1845-1892).

 Grigor Artsruni (1845-1892) Armenian columnist, critic, public and literary figure. Has been publishing the Mshak daily since 1872 until his death.

View: 71. Portrait of the Armenian tribune and critic, Label - pages from the "Mshak" weekly, the founder and editor of which was Arstruni Quantity: 100.000

1995. With Gratitude (I issue). 50th Anniversary of the Death of Franz Werfel (1890-1945).

Franz Werfel (1860-1945), Austrian author, humanist. Between 1932-33 wrote the The forty days of Musa Dagh . Prior to that he had spent three years at the Mekhitarist Brotherhood in Vienna studying Armenian history and interviewing survivors of the Turkish massacres. The novel is based on a real story from 1915. A handful of the mountain of Musa Dagh revert to arms in defense of their people.

View: 72. Portrait of the Austrian writer, Label - an Armenian fedayi with a child Quantity: 100.000

1995. 1700th Anniversary of the Adoption of Christianity in Armenia (301-2001) (II issue).

This emmission is a tribute to the capital of Armenia-Yerevan, the site of the "Armenia-01" International Philatelic Exhibition in 2001. The cuneiformmessage of king Argishti attests that Yerevan (Erebouni) was founded in 783 BC. Many people maintain that Yerevan is one of the most beautiful cities in the CIS context. It has a fascinating character, boasts unigue architectural solutions and pursues modern urbanization trends.
    Designer: David Arazyan.
    Perf 14 3/4:14, h73-h75 (40.64/24.13), h76, h77 (60.96/24.13), Offset 
View: 73-77. Set of 5
73. Yerevan. Brandy distillery and wine cellars
74. Yerevan. Abovian Street
75. Yerevan. Sport and concert complex
76. Yerevan. Bagramian avenue
77. Yerevan. Republic square
    h73.  60.00  0.3  0.2
    h74.  80.00  0.35  0.25
    h75.  90.00  0.4  0.3
    h76.  100.00  0.4  0.3
    h77.  120.00  0.5  0.4
    Set of 5  1.95  1.45 
    First Day Cover
        (h73, h74, h75) 1.25
        (h76, h77) 1.25



View: 78. Panoramic view of Yerevan on the background of mountain Ararat
First Day Cover: Panoramic view of Yerevan on the background of mountain Ararat
Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
Quantity: 5x150.000, 30.000

1995. Air Mail. Artiom Katsian (1886-1943), Armenian Aviator.

Artiom Katziyan (1886-1943), the first Armenian professional pilot. In 1909 he established the world records of altitude and loncitude. During World War I he was awared two Georgy Grosses.

Quantity: 100.000

1995. Traditional Armenian Handicrafts, (II issue).
    Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
    Perf 14 1/2:14 3/4, h80 (35.96/25.73), h81, h82 Perf 14 3/4:14 1/2, (25.73/35.96)
View: 80-82. Set of 3
80. Four-wheeled carriages. IV B.C., Lchashen 
81. A model of the Geocentric Solar System. XI -X B.C., Sevan basin
82. Tombstone. VII-VI B.C., Loriberd
    h80.  40.00  0.2  0.1
    h81.  60.00  0.25  0.2
    h82.  90.00  0.35  0.3
    Set of 3  0.8  0.6
Quantity: 3x100.000

1995. First Definitive Issue (with overprint). Perf 14 3/4:14 1/2, (25.73/35.96)
View: 83-86. Set of 4
83. Overprint "гÛ÷áëï 40" with green on h29
84. Overprint "гÛ÷áëï 100" with red on h29
85. Overprint "гÛ÷áëï 150" with purple on h29
86. Overprint "гÛ÷áëï 200" with brown on h29
h83.  40.00  0.65  0.1 N/A
h84.  100.00  1.6  0.3 N/A
h85.  150.00  2.45  0.4 N/A
h86. 200.00  3.30  0.5 N/A
Set of 4  6.5  1.3 N/A
Quantity: 4x35.000


1994. With Gratitude (II issue). 200th Anniver-sary of the Birth of Alexander Griboyedov (1795-1829).

Alexander Griboyedov (1795-1829), a Russian author and diplomat. Since 1822 was on diplomatic mission, participated at the signing of the treaty of Turkmenchai at 1828. Article 15 of the treaty, introduced by Griboyedov, allowed Armenians to emigrate into Eastern Armenia. As a result 50.000 Persian Armenians were able to repatriate. Griboyedov was interested in and studied Armenian history, came to Yerevan in 1819, he also visited the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, its Matenadaran, printshop and the seminary.
As chief of the diplomatic mission with the army of general Paskevich, Griboyedov has participated in the liberation of Yerevan, Sardarapat and Nakhijevan, been decorated with the medal "For the capture of Yerevan". His play "The fallacy of being intelligent" has premiered in the auditorium of the Yerevan sirdar palace in 1827.

View: 87. The portrait of the writer, label - episode of the Russo-Persian war Quantity: 40.000

1994. 175th Anniversary of the Birth of Khrimian Hayrik (1820-1907).

Mkrtich I Vanetsi, Khrimian Hayrik (1820-1907), public-political figure, Catholicos of all Armenians since 1893. Has lead the Armeniandelegation at the Berlin congress, prior to that visited Europe, pursuinging a diolomatic solution to the Armenian Question.

View: 88. Mkrtich I Vanetsi, Khrimian Hayrik, Label - collective photo of the Armenian delegation tû the Berlin Congress

Quantity: 40.000

1995. 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Lazar Serebryakov (Ghazar Artsatagortsian) (1795- 1862).

Lazar Serebryakov (Ghazar Artsatagortsian) (1795- 1862), a Russia Navy Admiral. Has participated in the Russo-turkish war (1828-1829), served in the Black Sea and Baltic fleets, commanded battleships. In 1838 he has laid the foundation of the city of Novorossiysk. Held top command positions during the Crimean war (1853-1856).

View: 89. Admiral s portrait, Label - fragment of the Russû-Turkish war (1828-1829)

Quantity: 40.000

1995. Air Mail. Nelson Stepanian (1913-1944).

Nelson Stepanian (1913-1944), twice Hero of the Soviet union, Guard lieutenant-colonel. during the Great Patriatic War a pilot of the attack aviation, beingallotted to the Baltic Fleet. He defended Leningrad ( Where he received the first star of Hero). Kiled during one of the battles for the liberation of the Baltic states. He was caled "The Baltic storm petrel". He was awarded two Orders of Lenin and three Orders of the Red Banner. 

View: 90. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanian

Quantity: 40.000

1995. Flora and Fauna of Armenia, (II issue).
View: 91-92. Set of 2
91. Capra aegagrus aegagrus 
92. Panthera pantus 
    Designer: Garegin Martirosyan
    Perf 13 3/4, (31.75/31.75), Offset 
    h91.  40.00  0.2  0.15
    h92.  60.00  0.25  0.2
Quantity: 2x50.000


1995. 75th Anniversary of the Armenian Red Cross Society.

 The armenian Red Cross Society was founded in 1921. This volunteer organization has established branches in the cities and major settlements of Armenia, established contacts with the armenian communities abroad. It has founded tropical station, outpatient clinics, first aid centers, traned doctors and sent them to outbreak areas. Established hospitals, maternity wards, helped earthquake survivors.

View: 93. An angel and the logo of the Red Cross Society on a rainbow in the colours of the Armenian state flag Quantity: 40.000

1995. Cinema Centennial.

View: 94. The first frame of the first movie Quantity: 40.000