1994. Treasures of Etchmiadzin.
The Holy Etchmiadzin-Armenian religious centre, the first Christianity Cathedral Church of Armenia (303).
The religious-history museum, were collected religious and art s treasures is in complecs of Holy Etchmiadzin.
     Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian 
    Perf 14 1/2, (27.94/44.45), Offset
View: 33-37. Set of 5
33. The Saviour of All of Havuts Tar. IX c. 
34. Reliquary. Holy Cross of Khotakerats. 1300
35. Cross with the Right Hand of St.Karapet.XIVc.
36. Reliquary-arm of St. Thaddeus. XVII c.
37. Vessel for Chrism. 1815
    h33.  3.00  0.05  0.01 
    h34.  5.00  0.05  0.04
    h35.  12.00  0.1  0.05 
    h36.  30.00  0.25  0.2 
    h37.  50.00  0.45  0.3 
    Set of 5  0.9  0.6 
    First Day Cover  1.8
Quantity: 4x100.000

1994."вڲêî²Ü`94" Philatelic Exhibition.

"вڲêî²Ü'94" overprint on h28

Quantity: 30.000

1994."вڲðüÆÈò`94" Armenia-Argentina International Philatelic Exhibition.

"вڲðüÆÈò 94" overprint on h28

Quantity: 30.000

1994. The founding of the National Olympic Committee.

Is issued in connection with the first anniversary of the foundation of the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Armenia.

View: 40. "Hrazdan" central stadium and the symbol of the National Olympic Committee Quantity: 200.000

1994. 100th Anniversary of the International Olympic Committee.

The stylized image of Olympic rings, symbol the of IOC

Quantity: 200.000

1994. 200th Anniversary of "Azdarar"-the First Armenian periodical. "Haroutune Shmavonian, the founder and editor of the "Azdarar" at the printing-house.


Quantity: 100.000

1994. 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Yervand Otian (1869-1926).

Yervand Otian (1869-1926), an Armenian writer, satirist, journalist, columnist. Has published satirical satires, novels, the satirical novel are well known. He has created a whole series of satirical personages and caraccters in his works. Label: The portrait of young Yerevand Otian

View: 43. The writer in his mature age, Label -Yervand Otian in his youth Quantity: 100.000

1994. 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Levon Shant (1869-1951).

 Levon Shant (1869-1951), an Armenian writer, pedagogue, public figure. Has published poems, epic, seriesof stories, dramas. Perf 14 3/4:14, (40.64/24.13)

View: 44. Portrait of the writer, Label -collective photo of the members of "Vernatun" with L. Shant among them Quantity: 100.000

1994. 75th Anniversary of the First Armenian Postage Stamp.

The first Armenian Republic used as a stamp the standar stamp of tsarist Russia with the face value of 1kop. surchared as " K. 60 K."

View: 45. The first Armenian postage stamp on an envelope Quantity: 100.000

1994. In Memory of the Catholicos of All Armenians VazgenI (1908-1994).

 Vazgen I (1908-1994) ( the 130th Patriarch) Catholicos of al Armenians (1955-1994). Has authored a number of Armonological studies. In recognition of his contribution to the peace process has been endowed with the World Peace Council Joliot-Curie Prize (1962) and the Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Protection Committee (1968), The Badge of honor (1968), Friendship of Peoples (1978), and the Romanian " Star of the Republic" (1952) Orders

View: 46. Vazgen I, the Catholicos of All Armenians
First Day Cover: The Patriarchal Vestments 
Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
Quantity: 150.000

1994. 1700th Anniversary of the Adoption of Christianity in Armenia (301-2001), (I issue).
In 2001 Armenia will celebrate the 1700th anniversery of the adoption of Christianity as a state religion. A comlex project " Christianity in Armenia", which had its first emission in 1994, honors this this event. the emission pictures historical masterpieces epitomizing Christianity.
     Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
    Perf 14:14 3/4, h47, h50, h51 (24.13/40.64), h48, h49 (48.26/40.64) , Offset
View: 47-51. Set of 5
47. Cross. X-XI c., Gospel 
48. Kings Abgar and Trdat. 1836, Mkrtoum Hovnatanian
49. Apostles St. Bartholomew and St. Thaddeus, 1780, Hovnatan Hovnatanian
50. St. Gregory the Illuminator. The second half of XVIII c
51. Baptism of the Armenian People. 1892, Hovhannes Aivazovsky 
    h47.  60.00  0.25  0.2
    h48.  70.00  0.3  0.2
    h49.  70.00  0.3  0.2
    h50.  80.00  0.35  0.3
    h51.  90.00  0.40  0.3
    Set of 5  1.7  1.2
    First Day Cover
       (h47, h50, h51) 1.25
       (h48, h49) 1.25



52. St. Etchmiadzin and Khor Virap cloister against the background of the mountain Ararat
First Day Cover: St. Etchmiadzin and Khor Virap cloister against the background
of the mountain Ararat 
Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
Quantity: 5x150.000, 30.000

1994. All-Armenian Fund "Hayastan".

 "Hayastan" is a benevolent foundation established in1992. The main objective of the Fund is to assist the people of Armenia. Under the auspices of " Hayastan" the Armenian scattered alover the world have joined efforts in contributing to their newly independent motherland s economic, cultural and social development.

View: 53. Maps of Armenia and Mountainous Karabakh represented by honey-combs Quantity: 100.000

1994. Flora and Fauna of Armenia (I issue).
The animal and plant species facing extinction in Armenia have been registered in the Red Book of Armenia.
     Designer: Berdik Martirosyan
    Perf 13 3/4, (31.75/31.75), Offset
View: 54-55. Set of 2
54. Milvus milvus and Quercus araxina 
55. Aquila chrysaetos and Juniperus polycarpos 
    h54.  40.00  0.2  0.1
    h55.  60.00  0.25  0.2

Quantity: 2x200.000

1994. Traditional Armenian Handicrafts. (I issue).
Armenia is rich with rare minerals, metal ore, building stones of unmatched beauty such as multicolour tufa, marbel, granite and basalt. From times immemorial the craftsmen have utilized gold and silver, wood and stones to create objects that surprise us with their ingenious concept and mastery of execution. Many of these artifacts are preserved at the State History Museu of Armenia.
     Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
    Perf 14 3/4:14 1/2, (25.73/35.96), Ofsset
View: 56-58. Set of 3
56. Black polished pottery. XIV-XII B.C., Lchashen 
57. Rhyton. Silver. V B.C., Erebouni
58. Carpet "Guhar". 1700 A.D., Artsakh
    h56.  30.00  0.15  0.1 
    h57.  60.00  0.30  0.3
    h58.  130.00  0.6  0.6
    Set of 3  1.05  1.0
Quantity: 3x100.000