1992. Independence Day.

The first postal emission of the Republic of Armenia. The emission is dedicated to the proclamation of the first independent Armenian republic on May 28.
    Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
    Perf 133/4, (31.75/31.75), Offset

1-3. The three colours of the State Flag of the Republic of Armenia, mountain Ararat
Cat. No Value (Dram) Mint (USD) Used (USD)
h1. 0.20 0.05 0.05
h2. 2.00 0.35 0.15
h3. 5.00 0.85 0,6
Set of 3 1,15 0.8
First Day Cover 3,15 N/A

Quantity: 3x100.000

View: 4. An eagle in the colours of the State Flag, Ararat mountain

First Day Cover: An eagle in the colours of th State Flag, mount Ararat
Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
Quantity: 20.000

1992. The Satellite Communication System.

The emission is dedicated to the establishment of international satellite telephone communication in Armenia. On the background of the world map the satellite communication dish and mountain Ararat are pictured. The colour desigh uses the Armenian state flagcolours.

View: 5. Ararat mountain, a station of satellite communication on the background of a geographical map

Quantity: 50.000

1992. XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona.

The emission is dedicated to the XXV Summer Olympiad held in Barcelona. Some of the most popular and traditionally advanced sports in Armenia are presented: ancient boxing, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics. As a symbol of Greek and ancient origin of the olympic games, the Armenian king Varazdat is pictured: the winner in pancratium of arguably the last olympic games in ancient Greece.

View: 6-9. Ancient boxing, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics

    Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian, Karen Aghamian
    Perf 14, (28.45/42.58), Offset

    h6. 0.40 0.05 0.05
    h7. 3.60 0.20 0.05
    h8. 5.00 0.30 0.2
    h9. 12.00 0.70 0.45
    Set of 4 1.1 0.75
    First Day Cover 2.2 N/A

First Day Cover: The Symbol of the XXV Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona

Quantity: 4x100.000

6                   7         

8                   9         

1992. First Definitive Issue (I Series).

The State Flag of the Republic of Armenia,
approved on May 26, 1989.
Heathen Armenian goddess Anahit- the goddess of fertility, fecundity and procreation in the Armenian mythology. Her brass head sculpture was found in the XIX century in the district of Yerznka and is currently kept at the British Museum ( a replica can be seen at the State History Museum of Armenia).
Sculptural complex in front of the Universal Postal Union headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, its image has become a symbol of the International Postal Union. The Internatiol Postal Union was founded in 1874, Armenia acceded in 1992. "Zvartnots" airport, the main international airport of Armenia, its vital gateway. It was commissioned in 1980. The architects are : A.Tarkhanian, S.Khachikian, L.Cherkezian and G.Shekhlian.

    Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
    Perf 14 3/4:14 1/2, (25.73/35.96), Offset

View: 10-13. Set of 4
10. The State Flag of the Republic of Armenia
11. Heathen Armenian goddess Anahit
12. Sculptural complex in front of the Universal Postal Union headquarters in Bern, Switzerland
13A. Air Mail. "Zvartnots" airport

    h10. 0.20 0.05 0.01
    h11. 3.00 0.25 0.2
    h12. 5.00 0.4 0.25
    h13A. 2.00 0.2 0.14
    Set of 4 0.9 0.6
    First Day Cover 1.9 N/A
First Day Cover: Heathen Armenian goddess Anahit Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian

Quantity: 4x1.000.000