The Yerevan high school #1 after the Knights and Daughters of Vartan
is the first educational institution of the post-communist period, the first baby of the country.

Though the communist educational system had a lot of achievements its shortcoming was the general equalization. All the students used to pass the same subjects and on the same level. Theoretical teaching-methods dominated upon the practical ones.

In the conditions of the failiure of the dictatorship and passing to market economy relations the foundation of a new educational system became very important.

This was the apostleship for which the high school was born in 1991. If formed a new system, which gave the students a chance of choosing the subjects which they prefer to study deeply and developing their composing skills.

The high school has technical, humasciences, natural sciences and economical departments.

Several subjects, such as history of religionard arts, economy, phsycology, etc, that were never taught at schools before, are taught at the high school.

We use bilingual teaching system. The student has to tell the same lessons in the morning in his native language and late in the afternoon in a foreign one (the choice of the foreign language is free). This method helps to study the subject better and at the same time to learn the terminology of a foreign language.

The high school pays special attention to the computer science. The close relations, that it has with its sister school Lexington Christian Academy in the USA that include student, teacher exchanges and other cooperation today are also enriched with computer - communication, which gives a possibility to organize competitions, original composition exchanges, global problem discussions, etc.

The teachers of the high-school have very high qualification and it was the Knights of Vartan organization that kindly helped them to survive during the hard years of the reconstruction of the country.

The organization was established at the beginning of the century to help to develop the literature, arts and religion and to save the national spiritual values in the diasphora and in motherland.

Our high school is proud to be named after this organization and hopes only and only to raise its authority.

We are glad to invite all the people and organizations that would like to use our experience or to help us somehow to cooperation.