Dear Mr.Schatz and Mr.Riportella,
  In the summer of 1989 in Los Angeles the I World
  Congress of Armenian Engineers and Scientists should
  take place.
  We've to ask You to assist us in sending the papers
  prepared in Armenia for that Congress,because we don't
  manage to do it via mail as far as the time has already
  ran out.
  It's necessary to present the papers in triplicate to the
  Organization Committee.Please,help us if possible.
                  Thanks in advance,
                    Levon Peshtmaldjian.
  YER   0040  0900UTC    6April89    Routine    ARS/LA
    From : Grigor Vaganian
      To : AESA, 4250 Wilshire Blvd.
           Los Angeles, CA. 90010,USA
           General Chairman of
           Executive Committee
           Prof.Mihran Agbabian
           Univ.of South.Calif.
    After acquaiting ourselves with your letter about the
   foundation of Armenian Engineers and Scientists of
   America Inc. and your wonderful initiative we would
   like  to put the following proposals forward for
   discussion at the I World Congress of Armenian Engineers
   and Scientists.
   1.To consider the feasibility of creating the
     telecommunication net " Armenia - Diaspora " which
     would provide the strengthening of the
     cultural, scientific, socio-economic links between the
     Armenian scientists and engineers all over the world
     on the principles of new technology and it also will
     help to organize effective aid in rehabilitation of
     the cities and districts of Armenia damaged by the
     The recently organized Republican Telecommunicational
     Computer Center " Search " is already working in this
     The works on creation of computer programmes for
     communication, editting texts and graphical
     information in Armenian language are near completion.
     A test package short-wave system for communication
     with foreign countries for rendering assistance in
     search and reunion of the lost relatives and friends
     is being exploited.
     For practical realization of this project,which is
     called "Telehumanizm", we offer to organize a special
     World Committee or Group, to set up a Fund  for
     financing and technical equipping, organization and
     planning of appropriate works.
   2.On behalf of the Committee on the work with the youth
     at the Republican Board of the Council of Scientific
     and Technical Societies and the Council of Young
     Scientists and Experts of Armenia we offer to consider
     at the Congress the idea of founding the World
     Association of Young Armenian Scientists and Engineers
     and a Youth Committee at Armenian Engineers and
     Scientists of America Inc. It'll make it possible to
     develop the contacts between the young Armenians
     living in different countries, promote the joint
     investigations and works, organization of
     competitions, establishments, schools and exhibitions
     of scientific and technical works, exchange of
     special and graduate students, training of highly
     qualified experts.
   We are ready to present detailed information to the
  Congress if you get interested in this proposals.
   You can use the computer link with Armenia via  the
  Regional Center of Automated Data Exchange (RCADE) at
  the Armenian Branch of the Institute of Applied Systems
  (Moscow). The Head of the RCADE is Levon Peshtmaldjian,
   The RCADE is linked with the SFMT (San Francisco /Moscow
  Teleport)(name <> ) and Notepad System
  International ( name <> ).
   By your consent we'll send the papers we've prepared for
  the I World Congress of Armenian Engineers and
  Scientists via the SFMT in the next few days.
           Director of Armenian Repuiblican
           Telecommunicational Informational
           Computer Center "Search",
           Head of the Educational Courses (CAD) of
           the Objects of Architecture and Building
           of the Yerevan Politechnic Institute,
           Scientific Secretary of the Republican
           Coordination Committee on developing of
           scientific and technical works,
                   Grigor Vaganian,
           The Head of Armenian RCADE,
                  Levon Peshtmaldjian.