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From rip Mon Apr 17 08:37 PST 1989
To: yerevan
Subject: Various Issues
Cc: jschatz rip twainwright watsoncfo

Dear Colleagues:

There are several matters to discuss.

1. All of the papers and telexes you have sent via us have been
properly delivered including Grigor's paper to the AESA (Dr. Agbabian).

2. Joel and I will plan to arrive in Yerevan around the 26th
or 27th of April.  Joel is in Moscow now and may have defined
the date of our travel to Yerevan more closely than I'm aware of.
Our colleague in Moscow, Leonid Labutin may accompany us to Yerevan
to discuss packet radio links and so forth.  Is this OK for you?
Please advise.

3. I have been contacted by the Diocese of the Armenian Church in
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New York City. A Mr. Jack Antreassian would like to establish an
E-Mail link between New York and Yerevan as soon as possible.
I will meet with him Wednesday to discuss the issues. He is
traveling to Yerevan later this week. I wonder if you would be
prepared to meet with him to discuss the matter of getting more
citizens of Yerevan linked into your node? May I give him your
name and phone number so he may contact you after his arrival?
It may be that we can all meet in Yerevan on 26 or 27 April
to investigate the matter.  Please let me know your thoughts on this

Thanks and see you soon. Vern Riportella (Rip)

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