YER    0018     1240UTC     06March89     Routine     ARS/LA
  From: Levon Peshtmaldjian
    To: Vern Riportella
  Dear friends
We are very grateful for your  proposal  to  organize  the
exchange of letters between the  children  from  Armenia,who
are recovering their health in the USA,and their relatives.
 On our side we are ready to receive and deliver any  number
of messages.We have an agreement with  IAS  Moscow  that  it
will be done free of charge.
 The only thing that troubles  us  is  that  would  be  much
better that the letters are in Armenian.We  are  working  at
this problem now.Please consult Mr.Hrair Balian the Disaster
Coordinator Armenian Reluef Society,who has informed us that
he has asked the Microsoft firm to assist in working out the
Armenian interface.May be he  has  any  news.Balian's  phone
number in San Francisco is (415) 956-34-34.
 We want to thank you once more and express our readiness to
      With best wishes,
      Levon  Peshtmaldjian,RCADE,Yerevan
      Grigor Vaganian,"Search" Center