YER   0047   1000UTC  21April89   Routine  ARS/LA
    From : Grigor Vaganian
      To : Joel Schatz
 Subject : Meeting?
   Dear Joel,
  I'm very glad that You are in Moscow,it's not so
 far from Yerevan.I'm very sorry,that You have
 difficulties with the visa and tickets.I think there
 must be no problems for foreigners in visiting
 Armenia, especially, on business.
  Unfortunately, I can't come Moscow now. Intensive
 work at establishing the Armenian Branch of
 International Computer Club is going on, and I'm the
 Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  We planned to sign a protocol of an agreement on
 cooperation in the field of creating a
 telecommunicational channel "Armenia - Diaspora",
 with Armenian communities abroad via the SFMT (its
 agency in Yerevan). I propose you to send us your
 proposals, possibilities and conditions,which we
 could discuss as soon as possible.
         With best regards truly yours,