Dear Vern,
 We have to bother you once more.The matter is,that we
have a message which is to be delivered to the
Liechtenstein principality and we know neither the telex
no the telefax,  all we have is:
      Baljers Aktiengesellsehaft FL - 9496
      Baljers Furstentum Liechtenstein
       Please,help us if possible.
               Thankfully yours,
YER     0046    1100UTC    20April89   Routine   ARS/
  From: The Committee of Youth Organizations of Armenia
    To: Baljers Aktiengesellsehaft FL - 9496
        Baljers Furstentum Liechtenstein
Subject:Proposal for Co-operation
   Dear Sirs!
 Armenian Commitee of youth organizations intends to
 create not great ownership for scientific research and
 industrial production where the students and
 post-graduates of Yerevan University would be able to
 transubstantiate their elaborations in field of
 semi-conductor thin-film solar cells, semi-conductor
 environment indicators and seismic indicators.This
 ownership called centre will produce not great quantity
 of equipment which is top necessary for Armenia today.
 All the matter is that Atomic Power Station stopped after
 powerful earthquake caused an essential shortage of
 electric power in Armenia. To answer the purpose of
 partial filling in this deficiency centre will produce
 solar sells with the thin-film silicon.There is also very
 strained ecological and seismic situation.To get over the
 difficulties - this is the grand desire of Armenian youth,
 which is observed clearly.
    Many students and post-graduates have lost their
 dearest relatives, they are utterly far from financial
 support.The foundation of this centre will be the nice
 possibility for them to earn and to become the wages not
 presents and a financial support made by centre as well.
 The centre will have total independence in financial way,
 will not be included into industrial ministries and will
 not carry out their orders. The income for centre's
 activity will partially be given for help the victims of
    Till today Armenia senses inestimable help of the
 government of the USSR and the most countries of the world.
 But the losses are too great, sure and the wish of youth
 to work for Motherland is deserved to be respectable and
 needs support.
    Your firm is utterly well-known all over the world by
 its production in field of high-vacuum technology and
    Our attention is taken by your wonderful units and we
 have a special interest for exeptionally flexible
 thin-film ploces system LLS900 or the universal production
 system LLS801.
    Could you pass us one of your units and what price for?
 Our financial possibilities are strougly limited cause of
 being voluntary organization.
    May be you like to do your bit in this deal?
    If you will have some other proposals like joint
 venture or something else it will be discussed willingly
    Sincerely yours,
    Deputy chairman of Armenian Commitee of Youth
    Organizations, Vagan Karapetian.