YER   0059     1100UTC     19May89   Routine   ARS/LA
  From :  Levon Peshtmaldjian and Grigor Vaganian
    To :  Joel Schatz, Vern Riportella and others
   Dear Colleagues,
 Frankly to say, we've been somewhat puzzled by  your
last message. We are very sorry  that  our  meeting  in
Yerevan was not realized. The meeting sure  would  help
to clear out all the reticences and spots,which exist in
our relations, as we can  see now.
 A number of points of your message  should  have  been
spoken about just on the first days of our cooperation.
Our head Institute - the IAS, a branch of which we are,
informed us,in December 1988, that we may work free  of
charge  monthly only  100000  conventional  units  (the
SFMT channel including). It  makes  just  4-5  hours
monthly.  We've  not  been  told  about  any   other
 We cannot admit that the messages we  are  sending
do not conform  to  one  of  your  demands  -  'clearly
humanitarian in nature'. To our mind, all our  messages
are pursueing very humanitarian aims.
 We clearly understand that business is  business.  But
at the same time, the  business  people  stipulate  the
cooperation terms beforehand, the thing  you  have
not done, and they never leave  any  business  proposal
 With your assistance we  were  going  to  organize  the
mail- service for foreign  tourists  and  experts,  who
sometimes come to Armenia for comparatively long time.
They would pay for the service in foreign  currency  ,a
part of which  would  be  send  to  you.  However,  the
proposal did not find any reply, though in Moscow  News
even the price of one electronic letter was determined-
-15  dollars  (   the   article   'Overnight   to   San
Francisco ',MN # 47,1988). We,of course, understand that
it is a contract price and that's  why  we  offered  to
organize the cooperative and it was  not  necessary  be
the branch of the hapless ELIN.
 We've  asked  you  to  consider  the  feasibility   of
establishing the agency of the SFMT in Yerevan,but again
we've not yet got any answer. On this matter you ask an
official letter, but you've to note that we've made the
proposal  after  having   coordinated   it   with   our
government. Why don't you want to consider us to be the
official representatives ?
 Not long ago we've informed you that the  remote  from
us Center 'Search' is connected to us and  we've  asked
you to include it's head Grigor Vaganian into  the  list
of the SFMT users and to give him a name and password,
and this also remains unanswered.
 Few words about  the  possible  sponsors.  Of  course,
we'll try to find a sponsor here or in  the  USA,  but,
firstly, we'd have to appeal to  them  via  the  SFMT
e-mail ( can we do it now ?), secondly, as  far  as  we
know the Armenian Societies prefer to work with us  not
via the SFMT (don't know the reason), but via  the  NSI
( in spite of the  ARS's  statement  we  continued  the
daily work with you).
 Our last messages to large number of addresses  about
the  establishment  of  the  Armenian  Branch  of   the
International Computer Club may be would  allow  us  to
find sponsors. We waited for an answer from  them,  the
more so that we have private contacts with many of them.
We were going to send the message about the ArmBICC  to
at least 100 addresses else.
 It's not quite clear why we don't receive  any  answer
from the addressees to whome we've  send  messages  via
the  SFMT.  We  considered  that  the  message  service
would help to increase the number of the SFMT users and
we  thought  it  would  widen  the  framework  of  your
business as well.
 We ask you to let us know which of our  messages  have
not been delivered. We need it in order to  answer  our
users who send their messages via the  RCADE  and  we
could lose their trust.
 Please,let us know about the terms of our future
cooperation over which gloom has never been cast
            Sincerely yours,
            Head of ArmRCADE,Levon Peshtmaldjian,
            Head of Center "Search" Grigor Vaganian.