YER 0016      1130UTC      20Feb89      Routine      ARS/LA
   From: Levon Peshtmaldjian
     To: Leonid Magolever
   Subject: Greetings and proposals
  Dear friends
We've learned from "Moscow News" nr.47 of 1988 about the co-operative
ELIN and appealed to J.Schatz with request to consider the possibility
of creating a branch of the co-operative in Yerevan.J.Schatz advised  us
to address you.
  Yerevan is one of the most visitable cities in  the  USSR.The  foreign
tourists,mostly armenians living abroad,very often are in need of modern
up-to-data means of communication  with  their  relatives  ,friends  and
because of the damags of the earthquake with  the  leaders  of  numerous
Armenian Relief Societies.We ask  you  to  examine  the  feasability  of
organizing a branch of your co-operative ELIN and inform us  about  your
opinion.We can be reached at SFMT "yerevan".
  Our address:375014,Yerevan,David Sasuntsi str.2/1;
              Regional Center for Automated Data Exchange
              of Armenian Branch of IAS
  Telephone numbers:28 41 11;28 50 82.
               Sincerely yours,