YER   0026    1130UTC    15March89    Routine    ARS/LA
 From : President of Armenian CCI A.Sarkisian
   To : Dalian Economic and Trading Development Company
        Telex 86354DETDEC CN
        District Dalian
        People's Republic of China
 Dear friends,
We confirm with satisfaction that  wee  have  received  your
letter and we invite you to  visit  Armenia  for  conducting
negotiations   concerning   the   questions   of    business
cooperation at the first half of June,1989.
We'll be able to help you to receive visas in case of need.
Please, inform us about your decision by
Telex : 243324 GRAD SU  for  the  Armenian  SSR  Chamber  of
Commerce and Industry.
                      With best regards
                 President  of  Armenian  SSR
              Chamber of Commerce and Industry