Dear Vern
We ask you to deliver this message.
                       Sincerely yours,
YER    0025   1130UTC   14March89     Routine     ARS/LA
 From : President of Armenian CCI Ashot Sarkisian
   To : Mr.Hollander
         Telex 19590 HOLLCOS
On your # A 5336 from 24 February 1989.
Dear Sir
You are to send telex for your  participation  at  the  Fair
"Footwear 89" which will be hold on 24-31 May in Yerevan.
"Moscow 411185 Expocentre Mejvistavka
For our participation at the Fair "Footwear 89" please  give
us a definit area for stand.(Write the area you need).
About  all  questions  concerning  the  exhibits  there   is
an agreement with the  Ministry of Light Industry of Armenia."
At the same time we inform that you can  visit  Armenia  any
time you like for discussion of joint production of  leather
and clothes.
                      With best regards,
              President of Chamber of Commerce
                and Industry of Armenian SSR
                      Ashot L.Sarkisian