YER  0024   1130UTC   13March89  Routine     ARS/LA
  From : Levon Peshtmaldjian
    To : Mr. Vern Riportella
 Dear Vern
Please deliver this message to Mr.Geva Petz
                        Best regards
Dear Mr.Petz
We apologize for delaying the answer .
We would like to thank you for sympathy and proposal of
Now for our experts  on  software  and  computer  technology
the urgent task  is to set up  a computer net in Armenia  to
meet  the  needs  of  managing  the  reconstruction  process
and  effective link with the international societies taking
part in these works.
In the light of this problem it's difficult for  us  to  set
somebody a certain task and to ask you to  solve  it.But  we
are very glad to start a  dialogue  which,we  are  sure,will
bring us to an acceptable for both sides conclusion.
I have to note that we are connected with the Notepad System
International  in  Berkeley (California) as  well. From  the
December 1988 the System has announced a  teleconference  to
coordinate the assistance in overcoming the results  of  the
earthquake in Armenia.May be it's worth of  your  connecting
with the NSI and it  will  allow  you  to  learn  about  our
problems closer.
Let's to thank you once more.
                   Hoping for cooperation
                        Head of RCADE
                     Levon Peshtmaldjian
                 Head of the center "Search"
                       Grigor Vaganian