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Note  78  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  28-Feb-89  7:26AM-PST
It has been over a week since you last signed on.  Hrair
is travelling this week.  He mentioned before he left that
Dr. Smirnov had asked for the IBM-PC back - Are you still
using the Compaq that Apo left with you?  We
are working on the Apple proposal, and I am reviewing the
list of things that you have requested of us.  I hope all
is well.  Please let us have an update.  Ren

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ACTION: 310 Select Activity 10

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ARMENIAN EARTHQUAKE Network Biographies:

[26]  Rojahn (Chris)  22-Feb-89  2:19PM-PST
Hello everyone.  My name is Chris Rojahn, Executive Director
of the Applied Technology Council (ATC).

[27]  Rojahn (Chris)  22-Feb-89  2:20PM-PST
Applied Technology Council is a non-profit California corporation
founded in the early 1970's by the Structural Engineers Association
of California.  Its purpose is to bring new technology to
practicing structural engineers in a format they can understand
and utilize.  Example projects include the development of
design guidelines, the holding of workshops and seminars
and the development of methodology and criteria (specifically
for practicing structural engineers).

In response to an invitation from the U.S.S.R. Academy of
Sciences, ATC is planning to send a team of 5-to-8 structural
engineers to Moscow and Armenia in late March to meet with
counterpart structural engineers from the U.S.S.R. to  discuss
and investigate the performance of precast concrete construction
in Armenia.  The overall objective is to identify deficiences
in U.S. and U.S.S.R. seismic design practices for precast
concrete construction.

I`m a Civil Engineer with about 15 years of research experience
in earthquake engineering.  Graduated from Bucknell University
in 1966 (in Pennsylvania) and from Stanford in 1968 (graduate
degreees in Structural Engineering).  Prior to joining Applied
Technology Council in 1981 I was a research civil engineer
for the U. S. Geological Survey.  My research focus at the
U.S.G.S. was on the response of structures to strong ground
shaking.  I now live in Palo Alto, California, with my 17-year
old son and our Bassett, Simon.

My address is as follows:
        Applied Technology Council
        3 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 275
        Redwood City, California
        Phone:  415/595-1542

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