Note  77  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  25-Feb-89 11:15AM-PST
I have been getting concerned because I have not seen you
on the system for several days.  Hrair handed me the beautiful
book Seven Songs of Armenia which you so kindly have given
to the KRON people during their visit.  I am sharing it with
Betsy, and have begun to read more about Armenia.  Jerry
McEuan and I spoke yesterday, he said he fell in love with
people he met during their trip.  Thank you for all yoou
did to assist them.  Please let me have an update on where
we stand from your end on the network and its roles as you
see them emerging.  Please also note we have added Chris
Rojahn to the system who represents Applied Technology Inc.
an organization skilled in pre-cast concrete structures who
have been invited to Soviet Armenia by the Academy of Sciences
to work with your seismic and architects groups.  The standards
that APC has designed are recognized as world standards,
and their incorporation into the design phase is critical
to prevent future earthquake damages to the buildings now
contemplated.  Chris and I will be sharing our insights at
upcoming Congressional Hearings in Washington on March
15.  I encourage you to ask the groups you are working with
to share their needs and insights so that I can append them
to our written testimony at the House Hearings.