Note  73  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  21-Feb-89 11:31AM-PST
Levon the preceeding letter to my friend at Apple is the
draft of the network request...please comment and get back
to me.

Note  74  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  21-Feb-89 10:01PM-PST
Boy it is really quiet here the last two days.  Is everything
alright?  Please comment on our proposal to Apple Computer
so I may convey it on Thursday (our time).

We are eager to hear how the KRON TV visit went,
and how the children enjoyed their visit.

Can you convey to our new participant Boris that I am meeting
with his collegue Chris Rajahn tomorrow in Redwoord city.
Chris is the Director of the Applied Technology
Council which is planning to bring a team to Yerevan to assist
with pre-cast concrete studies to work with your engineers.
We are planing to bring him into the network to plan their
trip in advance of their visit.  Thanks.

We had our first hint of spring this afternoon following
weeks of very cold days and nights due to an artic jetstream.
I hope that the weather there is softening from the harsh
cold of December.

Bests, Ren

Note  75  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  23-Feb-89  7:19AM-PST
Dear Levon,
we have not seen you log on since the 17th, is there anything