Note  76  From Rojahn (Chris) To Pesht (Levon)  23-Feb-89 10:06AM-PST
Could you please forward a message to Boris Karapetian regarding
the recent earthquake in Tadzikistan.  It is as follows:

Dear Boris:  Pete Mork of the U. S. Geological Survey and
I established a network of strong-motion instruments near
Dushanbe in 1975-76 in a cooperative effort with S.K. Negmatullaev,
Director of the Tadzik Institute of Seismic Resistant Construction
and Seismology.  As far as we know, all instruments are currently
in place and operating.  We would like to know if there are
any records from the recent earthquake near Dushanbe (the
one that caused the large landslide).  Our review of the
epicentral data and news stories suggests to us that one
of our stations may be within several km, so it may be a
very valuable record.
        Could you please contact Negmatullaev at your earliest convenience.
 You may contact me through notepad or by writing directly
to me at Applied Technology Council.  kSee the bio data for
more information about Applied Technology Council.  Thanks
very much for your efforts.
                Chris Rojahn