# 11

The Title of the Activity is:
Coordination With NOTEPAD Systems International

Note  72  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  21-Feb-89 11:30AM-PST

Note  24  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Leo)  21-Jan-89  8:27AM-PST
Thank you for responding to the note sent to you from Hrair
regarding the 40 tons of cargo for Soviet Armenia.  Some
thoughts on future uses of this network.

        o       Hrair is hopeful that the Arminpress can
                be linked here to send reports and news
                that can be downloaded and resent via
                reports and newsletters to the other
                organizations - the retyping of these
                stories would be eliminated and we could
                provide a continuous set of reports
                to maintain the momentium of information
                regarding the situations.

        o       We desperately would like to have a full
                situation report (To be filed in the
                Notepad Conference Situation Reports)
                possibly in the format that I have
                started.  I am reconstructing a
                chronology of the entire Earthquake
                and what has happened.  I have collected
                the western press reports, and have
                ordered the computer tapes of stories
                released by UPI to add to our database.
                I have also saved on videotape the
                various TV network reports day by day
                so we have a visual database of this
                tragedy.  This can help for future
                disasters of this nature to prepare
                for training and disaster assistance.

        o       I have asked that Dr. Frolov assist us
                in advocating the creation of an
                international network for emergency
                relief assistance - using this model
                as an example of what can be done
                for emergency disaster communications
                and coordination.  This long term
                goal would be another example of
                US/USSR joint cooperation that could
                alleviate immense suffering from
                sudden disasters throughout the
                world.  You may wish to share this
                with the Red Cross International Team.

        o       Technical assistance and Technology
                transfer (within the current accords)
                among many experts throughout the world
                to assist your various ministeries in the
                reconstruction of the stricken areas
                and the building of the towns.  This
                can encompass human, medical, agricultural
                and architectural, seismic and other
                critical information.

        o       Disaster coordination and mitigation
                information to coordinate supplies and
                equipment flow.  We can send in advance
                customs and other information regarding
                inbound cargos to speed the delivery
                of needed assistance to specific
                areas.  This would assist also in
                verifying that specific aid has gone
                where the donors have
                intended it to go.

                On this last point, I spoke with
                my friend Al Eisenstat, Senior Vice
                President for Apple Computer who we
                approached for assistance in providing
                Apple computers for your network.  I
                was told that Apple has already sent
                over $300,000 of computers to the
                Red Cross.  But noone knows where
                they went.  We could use those computers
                to help you build your network in
                Soviet Armenia.  Can you please
                check with the Red Cross on this point.
                If these systems are already in
                Yerevan in storage, then lets break
                them out and put them to work.
                Hrair and I want to assist in traiing
                and establishing the network you desire,
                and we can design the software poackages
                to make everyone's jobs easier...
                I teach at Apple Corporation's University
                and am very familiar with Apples.

                Thanks,  Ren

Note  199  From Breck (Ren) To Balian (Hrair)  21-Feb-89 11:15AM-PST

Dear Hrair, please dit and make comments...trim if necessary...
I am planning to travel down to the valley tomorrow, and would
like if possible to hand deliver this to fred at Apple...

here goes:

February 21, 1989