Message 11 (40 lines)
From rip Tue Feb 28 12:13 PST 1989
To: yerevan
Subject: Various Matters
Cc: chrism copenfund jschatz rip watsoncfo

For Mr. G Vaganian and Mr. L.Peshtmaldzian

Hope things are workinf well for you.  We have not received a
bulletin from you in recent days and we hope that means things
are active for you.

I would like to introduce you to a gentlemen here in New York
who has a number of important projects working with the USSR and
Armenia in particular.  He has been working with the Armenian
children who were inured in the earthquake and would like to
begin a dialog here with you.  His plan is to improve the
coordination between Yerevan and New York.  His name is
Mr. Peter Copen and his SFMT address id COPENFUND.  I encourage
you to engage Mr. Copen in this dialog as soon as possible.
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It now appears I will be traveling to Yerevan late next month with
Joel Schatz as part of a trip to Moscow.  It shall be our pleasure
to meet with you and your excellent staff. I hope that this will
be possible.  Also, I would hope to meet with members of "The Search"
project which I have learned about through TASS and your several
reports on this project.  Please alert Mr. W. Levchin of the possibility
of our visit to Yerevan.

A few days ago I sent a message to you regarding a Mr. Geva Petz,
an expert in data base management from Johannesberg, who wished
to volunteer his services to you in Yerevan.  Is there any message
you wish me to transmit to him on your behalf?

Thank you for all and, on behalf of Mr. Schatz and all of SFMT,
we are very glad to have this channel to you and the people of

from Vern Riportella, SFMT/New York