Message 10 (24 lines)
From rip Mon Feb 27 07:53 PST 1989
To: yerevan
Subject: Messages Home
Cc: jschatz labutin mkleeman rip vserdiuk watsoncfo

As you know, many Armenian children are here in the U.S. for
medical care following their injury in the tragic earthquake.
At the suggestion of SFMT President, Joel Schatz, we have
inquired with certain Armenian community organizations here
to determine if there was a need and interest in providing
a channel for these children to send messages home via the
SFMT-Yerevan channel.  The answer has come back that there is
a definite interest in providing such a communications channel
for the children now in hostpital here.

The question then is, are you prepared to receive and deliver
to relatives of these children a small number of messages?
Is there any interest there in families sending messages to
their hospitalized children here?
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Please advise so that we may begin the exchange of family messages
as soon as posssible. Thank you. Vern Riportella, SFMT-New York