Dear Paul!
     I send you the translation copies  into  Russian  of  these
articles "Cosmos Helps Those Who Help Themselves"  (1989),  "In-
telligent Writing: The Electronic Liberation  of  Text"  (1989),
"Media Relations: Integrating Computer  Telecommunications  With
Educational Media" (1989), "Impact of Personal Information  Tec-
hnologies 1985-2010" (1988) and also Editor's Introduction  "Jo-
urnal of Social and Biological Structures". These are all  given
to different magazines and publications. All these  translations
are on the computer diskettes. So when you some time ago open  a
branch of Connected Education, Inc. in Russia they may  be  use-
ful. Sorry for the copies' quality. The energy set here everyti-
me is switched off. It's an uncomfortable situation now.
     Best regards
     Grigor Vaganian