Balian (Hrair)  23-Mar-89  9:12PM-PST

     Subject:  ARS Press Release

     Date:     03/23/89
     Ref.:     NP0323

     To:       All Notepad Project Quake participants
     From:     Hrair Balian
     I am herewith retransmitting for your information, a press
     release issued by our Washington DC office.


     PRESS RELEASE - 3/23/89

     Armenian Relief Society, Inc.
     Central Executive
     Earthquake Fund
     1835 K Street, Suite 405
     Washington DC 20006 USA

     For More information,
     please contact: Arpie Balian at (202) 223-2333 Washington DC


     Washington, D.C. - In its second phase to serve the immediate
     needs of Armenians affected by the December 7, 1988 earthquake in
     Armenia, aside from long-term plans to construct hospitals,
     polyclinics, kindergartens and provide expertise in numerous
     areas, the Armenian Relief Society has purchased two fully-
     equipped Mobile Medical Clinics and a Midliner Semi Tractor which
     will depart Philadelphia today, via Ship Ulan Batar, for Armenia.

     Manufactured by Lifeline Shelters, the clinics can be transported
     by the semi tractor to various locations in the earthquake
     stricken region of Armenia that is presently void of adequate
     medical facilities, both with about 350,000 still living there.

     408 square feet and constructed of 80,000 PSI, 4" fabricated
     Steel I beams, each unit contains: two examining rooms; an intake
     room; lab room; restroom; reception area, and comes equipped with
     a generator, heating and cooling units; sprinkler; potable and
     wastewater compartments.

     In order to most effectively treat various illnesses, the
     Armenian Relief Society has supplied the mobile clinics with the
     following instrumentation: X-Ray; Mammography; Ultrasound--
     OB/GYN, Radiology, Cardiology; Pulmonary Function (Spirometer);
     EKG/Monitor; Stress Test-Treadmill, Diagnostic ECG, Automated
     Blood Chemistry Analyzer; Centrifuge, Sterilizers; Wall Mounted
     Blood Pressure Cuffs; Otoscope (Pneumatic); Eye Chart;
     Ophthalmoscope; Exam Tables-OB/GYN, Pediatric; Audiology Testing
     Units; Tonometer.

     Until the Armenian Relief Society implements its plan to
     establish polyclinics in the villages and a fully equipped
     children's hospital, the Mobile Clinics will serve the immediate
     needs of those requiring medical attention.

     The Clinics are scheduled to arrive in Armenia on May 8, 1989.