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Prepared by Levon Pesht in Yerevan, U.S.S.R.

This situation report is  based  on  the  interview of the
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenian Republic.

What has been the extent of foreign aid to Armenia?

From the very beginning of the tragedy in Armenia the Soviet
Union received numerous offers of help from every corner
of the globe.  One and a half thousand savers,  firemen,
mountaineers came to us from 15 countries. Together  with
Soviet savers and soldiers they took part in the cleaning
of obstructions and rescue work. Invaluable service was rendered
by 230 physicians from 12 countries. Thanks to the efforts
of Soviet and foreign physicians many lives were saved.

The number of specialists who worked in the Republic
was 3600. Now 150 foreign specialists work with us.

111 states and 7 international organizations gave us
help. The governments, social, women, youth,  religious,
charity   organizations, the UNO organizations and
individuals, Armenians from abroad and eparchies of Armenian
Church from abroad helped us.

Even countries which have no diplomatic relations with the
USSR, for example, Israel, South Korea, Chile, (and) South
Africa helped us.

The Yerevan airport "Zvartnots" accepted 346 foreign planes
from 44 countries. 6 foreign and 44 Soviet ships, 159 foreign
and 331 Soviet vans brought us goods.

There were two categories of foreign help - that was received
and which was declared  by  different  states.

This help is approximately estimated at 380 million dollars.
This help is very important to us not only as  material
but also as moral.

How is the information about help received?

First of all by diplomatic channels.

The  aid connected with the restoration work is now
considered by us as the most important.

There is a special Committee in the Ministry Soviet
of Armenian SSR which take up this questions.

Naturally, almost no foreigner who came to us had an entry

We granted exit visas to patients  who  needed  urgent
aid without delay.They went to special clinical centers  in
the USA, Switzerland and the German Federal Republic.

The disinterested aid of  the  planet  is  the  display
of humanity and human compassion to the Armenian  people.
This is also a response  to  the  process  of  reorientation
and democratization in our country, the establishment of
new political approach in the world.

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