Balian (Hrair)   8-Apr-89  4:47PM-PST

Subject:  Notepad Usage

Date:     04/08/89
Ref.:     NP0408A

To:       All Quake project participants
From:     Hrair Balian
All Quake project participants, please send private Notes to "Balian"
describing for what purpose you have been using Notepad, how it has
been useful during the past three months (concrete examples would
help) and how you propose to use it in the months ahead.

We need to document how each one of us are using this project.  The
documentation will be saved for the ARS records.  As you may already
know, the ARS is a non-profit organization whose activities are
subject to review by its membership and board as well as public
agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service.

Also, please review your entries and notes in the Open Membership
items and save on your own disks any notes or entries you wish saved
for future reference.  During the past three months, we have saved
more than 500 pages of data at NSI and the cost for maintaining this
file is fast becoming prohibitive.  Please save entries and notes you
wish to save by 4/15/89.  After 4/15/89, we will clean the system of
all old entries, notes and some of the line items all together.  We
regret any inconvenience this may cause, but we need to control our

Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

With best regards.  Hrair