Pesht (Levon)   6-Apr-89  1:45AM-PST
     Dear Ren,
 We ask  you  to  assist  us  in  delivering  this
message to prof.A.Ter-Kjuregian.
    725 Davis Hall
    Berkeley, California 94720
    University of California
    prof.Armen Ter-Kjuregian
    tel.home    731.1360  642.2469

   Dear prof.Armen Ter-Kjuregian.
   I should like to express my thanks to you  for
the  materials  you  kindly  proposed  to   Deputy
Chairman of the Republic Management of  Scientific
and    Engineering    Societies    Union    Gajane
Ter-Martirosian.They   are   given   to   Republic
Information  and   Computation   Telecommunication
Centre "Search"  specialists  for  scrutining  and
preparing  the   recomendations  for   government,
building,town building,design,medical offices.
   The main mission and directions of the "Search"
Centre  are  -  to  prepare  and  investigate  the
recomendations,computer   models,algorithms    and
programms  of  socio-economic  rehabilitation   of
population, operative management,design  and  work
organization in an emergency.
  In this connection we are ready to have a contact
with California Seismic Safety Comission  and  the
Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  The  "Search"  centre  prepared  a   number   of
projects:  "Computer   Revolution   for   Armenian
Children"(including the education system formation
for  disabled  children);  "Telecommunication  net
"Armenia - Diaspora"(including  the  teleeducation
in  Armenian  language); "Training of specialists"
(including the Armenian students  practical  study
in the leading scientific centres in abroad).
  Our Republic have a need in  intensive  training
of  highly  skilled specialists  in architectural-
building and town building  designing  in  seismic
process simulating,ecologic and  medico-biological
and psychological tasks.We are interesting is it
possible for our young specialists to be  educated
in business and  management  schools  at  computer
centres of a new type leader training.
  Best wishes and success in your work,
  The Head of the "Search" centre,

[55]  Breck (Ren)   6-Apr-89  1:47AM-PST
Levon how long is it taking to echo the characters you are

[56]  Breck (Ren)   6-Apr-89  1:48AM-PST
Levon when you upload a note or an entry are you
returning to Key 8 and typing CLEAR DOC.  That
returns you to the synchronous mode...maybe that's
the problem you are having.

[57]  Breck (Ren)   6-Apr-89  1:49AM-PST
Assuming that you are not typing clear doc you would
remain in the document transfer mode and unable to
see what you are tyoing.,