Breck (Ren)  19-Feb-89  6:16PM-PST


        One of the primary reasons for this network is to
verify information - focus information - and build within
the cacaphony of confusion clear coordination of relief

        I have to agree with Hrair that the report is both
biased and in great conflict with the reports that
we have been receiving from around the world, and by personal
interviews with donor agencies and teams returning from
Yerevan and the stricken regions.

        The biggest danger to relief efforts is that rumors
and speculation can destroy faith and trust.  We experienced
this with Chernobyl and other disasters.  I think it is
notable that through the efforts of Levon Pesht, and others
we have had a fair and impartial set of reports that we can
and have relied on.

        Television news can be a great advantage to tell the overall
story and to build public awareness of the issues facing
victims, but it is a medium that can also distort and
betray the goodwill of those involved.  This is one reason
we have been publishing the situation reports, and attempting
to verify this information through our sources.

        It remains critical that in the midst of differing opinions
that we all strive to the best of our abilities to seek for
the truth and effectiveness of the relief effort - afterall
it is what we owe to the people who have given to this
effort and most importantly to the victims who require that

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