[23]  Levinson (Paul)  15-Mar-89  6:30AM-PST
 To my new Soviet friends and everyone on our network:
 I'm submitting a proposal to the AAAS (American Society for
the Advancement of Science) to organize and chair a Symposium
at 1990 Annual AAAS Meeting in New Orleans (15-20 February).
The working title of the symposium is "Computer Conferencing
and the International Community."
 I'd be delighted to have any of you attend.  A brief paper on
the "Telehumanity" project (15-20 minutes) would be a wonderful
component of our session.
 The AAAS pays no honoraria, and speakers are responsible for
paying for their own transportation and lodging.  But New Orleans
is beautiful in February -- a vibrant, colorful city -- and well
worth the visit.
 I need to get my proposal in by next week.  (Working electronically
has made me even more of a "last minute" worker than I used to be.)
Placement of a speaker's name on my proposal does not entail
an absolute commitment from the speaker;  rather this says that
the speaker will try to attend to Meeting if possible.
 Notifications of acceptance of proposals usually occur by the
end of May.
 I would truly be pleased to have at least one speaker from the
Soviet Union at this important meeting.
 Please write to me here in this Activity, or by private message here,
if you think you might like to attend.
 I look forward to hearing from you.

[24]  Pesht (Levon)  14-Apr-89  4:58AM-PST
      Dear Hrair,
In one of our entries Bogdan Melik-Shakhnazarov had  an
extensive proposal for the creation of a convertable to
national languages databanks on  the  peoples  cultural
heritage.As we see the participants of  the  conference
had a difficulty in understanding the substance of  the
proposal.So we send his detailed answer.

   Of course,  the  sending  message  wasorientated  at
specialists.I'd  like  to  clear  up  this  question.We
created  the  databank   conception,   in   which   the
information remembers in  the  handy  for  any  nations
language.Receiving the information from any other banks
the  users  can  read  it  in   his   language.So   the
information automatically is  converted  in  users  own
language.As the information interesting for everyone at
first concerns to  peoples  cultural  heritage,  as  an
example we'd  like  to  begin  from  Armenian  cultural
heritage.The bank we propose doesn't substitute owner's
informational   banks.It's   only   a   catalogue   and
intermediary  between  banks  of  cultural   monuments,
works of art, monuscreepts of Mathenadaran,  books  and
other rarity, historical and cultural values.
   We'l be very glad if anybody of participants of  the
conference  take  part  in  this  work,  for   example,
software engineer from  Athens  Jirayr  Beudjekian,  we
welcome him in Notepad.
   With best regards, Melik-Shakhnazarov B.

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ARMENIAN EARTHQUAKE Network Biographies:

[34]  Bejikian (Jirair)  13-Apr-89  1:43AM-PST

Hello everybody!
I am the latest arrival in the QUAKE project.
My name is Jirayr Beudjekian (don't mind the way it is displayed in Notepad
menus). I am in line with you from Athens in Greece.
I am 26 years old and I was born in Beirut - Lebanon, where I lived and stu-
died until 1985. I am a software engineer, and I am living in Greece since
1985 and working as the manager of the computer department of a publishing
My address is         .-- J. Beudjekian
                          Bienna 10
                         11744 Athens
My phone numbers are .-- off.  (301) 9226142    (9 AM - 7 PM)
                         home  (301) 9019555    (7 PM - 9 AM)

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Private Notes:  March, 1989

Note  1  From Levinson (Paul) To Vaganian (Grigor)  15-Mar-89  6:32AM-PST
 Dear Grigor:
 I hope you have seen my recent Entry in the "Priorities"
Activity about the Symposium I am proposing on "Computer
Conferencing and the International Community" for the
Annual AAAS Meeting in New Orleans, 15-20 February, 1990.
 I want to encourage you especially to consider my
invitation, because I think that as a social scientist
you will have some very relevant ideas to contribute.
 I also want you to know that my invitation to you and your
colleagues to join one of our electronic (computer conferencing)
courses as guest observers is still open.
 Warmest wishes,

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Private Notes: April 1989

The project members are:

Breck (Ren)         Balian (Hrair)      DerKiureghian (Armen)
Levinson (Paul)     Mantia (Brook)      Yntema (Mary)
Pesht (Levon)       Serdiuk (Vlad)      Bejikian (Jirair)
Vaganian (Grigor)

[1]  Breck (Ren)  10-Apr-89  5:34PM-PST
The April Private Notes Mailbox is open.  Sorry to be late.
Please use this conference for private one-to-one communications.

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