Balian (Hrair)  24-Mar-89 10:04PM-PST

Subject:  File Cleanup

Date:     03/24/89
Ref.:     NP0324

To:       All Quake project participants
From:     Hrair Balian
We have just received our bill for Notepad usage for the month of
February.  As you now, the ARS is paying for usage time as well as
charges for storing notes and entries at the NSI computer facility in
California.  NSI has been extremely generous in absorbing a great deal
of the expenses associated in running this network.  However, despite
this generosity, ARS is being charged for a great deal more that NSI
cannot absorb.

We are therefore requesting from the members of this project to use
Notepad with caution.  This call to caution is not made to discourage
usage, but simply so each of us uses the system always keeping in mind
the usage costs.  To this end, please consider the following two
points to reduce the cost of using Notepad:

1)   Avoid writing your notes and entries "on-line."  Please prepare
your notes and entries in advance of signing on the system with your
favorite word processor and, when ready, sign on Notepad and simply
transmit your pre-written files.  Conversely, when you receive
messages, please do not stay on the system to read your incoming
messages, simply download them into a file and then, after you sign
off, print your messages or read on the screen.  Thus, on-line time
should be reduced to a minimum, perhaps a couple of minutes at most.

2)   Occasionally, please delete your private NOTES already seen.  To
do this, please refer to page 12 of your "Notepad System User's
Guide."  In any activity under which you desire to delete Notes, at
the ACTION prompt, type action key "7,"  then, at the EDIT prompt
enter "Delete Notes by [name of sender] before [15-mar-89]" + Carriage

With best regards.  Hrair
[11]  Christofferson (Patty)  31-Mar-89 10:00AM-PST
Attention ATC Team:  We have just been informed that there
has been another 7.1 magnitude earthquake this morning in
Armenia.  Please advise us of your status and if there is
anything we can do to assist you.  Please contact ATC office
via either fax, telex , or notepad system.  Our fax number
is 415/593-2320.  ATC Team care of Levon Pesht.

[12]  Breck (Ren)  31-Mar-89  9:41PM-PST
Thank you Patty, we are attempting to make contact with the
ATC Team members now.  I will advise by Notepad
as soon as we get through.  Ren

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