Glad to introduce to you a new participant of our conference
my friend Prof.Sergej Zakharian.No password  is  needed  for
 My  name  is  Sergej  Zakharian.I  graduated  from  Yerevan
Polytechnic Institute in 1962.I am Doctor of Sc.(Techn.)
Now I am  Vice-rector  on  Science  of  Yerevan  Polytechnic
Institute and the Head of the CAD/CAM Department of the same
Institute,the Chairman of Armenian  Branch  of  IFAC  and  a
member of VDI(Verein Deutscher Ingenieure,BRD).
 My   scientific  interests  are :  automatic   control,
computer-aided manufacturihg, artificial intellectual nets,
newral nets.I  have  120  publications  on  simulation,model
reduction, technical  diagnostics, optimusation, industrial
processes control.
 I can be reached at the following address and phone numbers:
               Yerevan Politechnic Institute,
              105,Terian street,Yerevan,375009
                   office phone : 52-17-92
                    home phone : 53-79-79