Dear Breck,
 We have to bother You once more, the matter is that
 we have a message that we would like to send to all
 the members of the conference, but again we have to
 complain that the key 4 is out of order and that's
 why we've sent our last Situation Report to You.
 Thank You very much for your prompt actions in
 assisting us.
        Thankfully yours,
  In order to promote the employment of the new
 computer and communicational technologies  for the
 benefit of strengthening of the international relations,
 mutual information and faith, the use of the means of
 information in the works at the liquidation of the
 results of the catastrophic earthquake in Armenia, the
 Direction of the International Computer Club has
 decided (Moscow, March 20,1989) to establish the
 Armenian  Branch of the Club (Arm BICC) in Yerevan.
  The ICC is a non-governmental organization uniting the
 Soviet as well as the foriegn participants (founders
 and members) - originators, producers and users of
 the modern means of computer technology, mathematical
 and program education, communicational technologies.
  The efforts of the Armenian Branch of the ICC will
 be directed to the wide  spreading and propaganda of
 the principles of the computer knowledge and culture
 (especially, among the youth), the realization of the
 following projects in particular :
 - " Telecommunicational net "Armenia -Diaspora" - in
  the name of peace and humanizm" ( for developing the
  scientific, cultural, socio-economical links of the
  Motherland with the Armenian communities);
 - " The Computer revolution - for the suffered
  children of Armenia"(creation of
  medico-diagnostic ,educational and
  telecommunicational systems for children, disable
  people, computer classes and clubs for the schools,
  Pioneer Palaces, kindergartens, hospitals and
  boarding-schools for  ophans, being restored after
  the destructive earthquake);
 - "Teleeducation" (creation and spread of special
  courses of education, and in Armenian language as
  well, informational,searching basises and banks of
  data on history, culture, architecture of Armenia,
  its acient manuscripts.
   The activity of the Armenian BICC will be realized
  on the principles of equality and respect of all the
  organizations and persons - members of the Club.
   The Executive Committee invites all the Soviet and
  foriegn organizations, firms, institutions and
  individuals to become the members or founders of the
  Armenian Branch of the International Computer Club.

           Chairman of the Executive Committee
           of the Armenian BICC,
           Candidate of Science,
           Vaganian Grigor Arshalujsi


                  CLUB - YEREVAN

           "Information at the service of
               international dialogue"