To: Hrair Balian
    From: Levon Peshtmaldjian and Grigor Vaganian
 Subject: Need of E-mail
 Dear Hrair,
Not long ago at your request we've sent you  a  message
in which we tried to present  our  thoughts  about  the
pluses and minuses of our mutual work in  the  computer
teleconferences, organized by ARS and NSI. But You have
not done any comments yet.And now we know nothing about
the ways of improvement of our cooperation.
We'd like to continue the theme. Probably, You see that
perestroika in the USSR already bears fruits. A lot  of
joint stocks with West-European partners,  hundreds  of
cooperatives  ,international   including,   have   been
established in Armenia. In June in Yerevan a Branch  of
the International Computer Club is to  be  opened.  The
Head of it will become Grigor Vaganian.
The coordinator of all the joint ventures in Armenia is
familiar to you by the  Notepad  the  Chairman  of  the
Chamber of Commerce Ashot Sarkissian. He  is  also  the
organizer of the international exibitions in Yerevan.For
example, on the 26th of May the  fair  "Shoes-89"  will
start its work at us, about 50 countries are  going  to
take part in it.
Few days ago we've connected to  the  RCADE  Vaganian's
Center  "Search"  and   the   Republican   Academy   of
Sciencies, which are quite remote  from  us.  It  means
that we've increased the number  of  the  users  of  the
international computer nets, though  the  opportunities
of our node are limited.
The  medics  obviously  will  like  to  continue  their
dialogue with their colleagues in the USA after the 1st
of June when the NASA space telebridge will finish its
The situation urgently demands  the  existance  of  the
computer link of the e-mail type with diaspora besides
the present teleconference. We mean the  delivering  of
the messages according the address,  telex  or  telefax
even in the case the addressee is not one of the  users
of any telenet. As far as I know such kind  of  service
is in the SFMT but you don't want to deal with it.
We've  offered the NSI to establish an agency in Yerevan
but they've  refused  cause  of  the secretness of the
technology, though we do not seek the purchasing of the
 Dear Hrair,please, if you feel the urgent necessity of
such an  e-mail  (  the  correspondence  of  the  joint
ventures, business contacts of the Armenian Chamber  of
Commerce, negotiations of the Armenian  Branch  of  the
International Computer Club, links of the  sister-cities
Cambridge - Yerevan,  San  Francisco  -  Leninakan  and
others ) consider this question with the  corresponding
organizations and individuals in Diaspora, examine  the
feasibilities and apprise us of the results.
 We clearly understand that business is business and we
are just learning the real business, but we venture  to
do to offer the following variants of our cooperation
( here we do not go into the  technical  and  juridical
details) :
- the organization of the joint venture on the  service
  for the population ( the foreign tourists and experts
  in Armenia including ) and the state organizations;
- organization of a computer  e-mail  on  global  scale
  with assistance of any American  sponsor  (  Armenian
  Church, ARS, AGBU  or  any  other  organization,  for
  example, not long ago over the Soviet TV  the  Deputy
  Chairman of the  Chamber of  Commerce  of  California
  Garry  Orbelian  expressed the readiness for
  cooperation ).
Certainly, there may be a dozen of other variants.
We ask you to consider this question with Renwick Breck
also. May be now  the  NSI  will  take  up  the  e-mail
service in Armenia. We could serve the foreign tourists
for foreign currency and a certain part of it would  be
send to the NSI.
 Not long ago we've sent Breck the advertisement  about
the  establishment  of  the  Armenian  Branch  of   the
International Computer  Club  asking  him  to  make  it
available for all the members of the Notepad conference,
but we don't have got any answer yet. In the USSR  it's
the only branch established in the republics.
 We'd  like  to  ask  you  a  favour  to   become   the
representative of the Armenian Branch of the ICC in the
USA, in the frame of which we can officially create the
telecommunicational net " Armenia - Diaspora ".
 Our first request will be the spreading in the USA  of
the  advertisement  about  the  establishment  of   the
Armenian  Branch  of  the   ICC   and   to   give   the
corresponding explanations if necessary. If we had  the
opportunity to use the Notepad  e-mail  we'd  send  you
about 200 addresses to which we'd ask  to  deliver  the
                      Best wishes,
                   Levon and Grigor.